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Episode 108 – Too Young

“You see that fine young thang over there? Yes…that one. The one giving you the come hither eyes. Yeah. She’s too young.” more »

Episode 104 – Rocks

We take a peek deeper into the childhood of Gregory Hoyt this week as we invite one of his childhood friends onto more »

Episode 101 – The BG Cleanse

On this week’s episode Brian shares his most recent suicide attempt, otherwise known as the BG Cleanse. Feeling ‘icky’? Lethargic? Polluted? Go more »

Episode 100 – 100

We made it! Join Robert, Gregory, and Brian as they celebrate their 100th Episode in this deluxe episode that was recorded in more »

Episode 98 – Burgled

We are joined once again by the lovely Forman sisters: Karen and Sarah Forman. This time together. This time bearing bad news. more »

Episode 97 – Mamma Mia!

Looking even deeper into Brian’s past we recruit a very special guest to this week’s episode of the Scheid Show. This week, more »

Episode 96 – The DJ

We get a peek into Brian’s childhood on this week’s episode of The Scheid Show, when we invite Joe Girard, Brian’s younger more »